I am Poorna Kedar, nature and wildlife photographer from India. A decade into the wildlife photography, made me learn more about other incredible creatures on earth, my respect towards them and nature had only grown since then. Apart from the passion and love for wildlife, I am also a photo mentor, tour guide, photography products designer, entrepreneur and an explorer.


Based out of Bangalore, India, I started my journey into the fascinating world of photography about 12 years ago. My love and passion for wildlife and photography had taken me to various places in India and abroad. Won several competitions, displayed my images in several exhibitions and made a ton of valuable friends all along. And more than anything, I got an opportunity to go a step closer to the understanding of the life of fellow creatures on earth. Soon I realized, their life is full of troubles, more from the humans than nature. I try to use my photographs to showcase the beautiful side of them, the problems faced by them both naturally and artificially (created by us) and eventually educate my fellow citizens about some basic ethics towards wildlife and its importance for the very existence of this earth.

With a design career spanning more than 17 years as User Experience Designer at world-class tech companies gave me the added advantage of being artistic as well as technically strong in photography. With a never-ending love for tech and gadgets, I keep exploring every innovative photography accessory and products in general. With that same love for design, innovation, and photography - I founded a photo product company, Tuskr. I personally design and test the products at Tuskr and get them manufactured in the best possible way that I believe adds more value to photographers like me. A share of revenue from Tuskr goes towards the Tuskr Wildlife Conservation Foundation and will be used for projects across India to help the wildlife and its guardians.

I founded Pixellin Photography & Travel about 7 years back and was actively involved in mentoring various photo tours across India. This gave me an opportunity to meet and know a lot of wonderful photographers. Pixellin also being an equipment rental company in Bangalore and Mysore, I have access to various cameras and lenses. And that's the best part of it, I am lucky enough to use top end equipment for my personal tours. Afterall wildlife photographers need to find a way to fuel their passion which turns out to be one of the most expensive ones.

Though I have access to cameras and lenses from all manufacturers, I stay loyal to Nikon since the time I started photography. From D90 to D5, I use every Nikon camera to date. And not to mention my favorite wildlife lenses Nikon 600mm f4, Nikon 500mm f4, Nikon 70-200 f2.8 and the Nikon 105mm f2.8 macro. I love them all 🙂

After all, we all need a little motivation and a pat on the back to keep doing what we do. Though I cherish the everlasting memories I have from the wild and the innumerable friends and clients I made over the years, there are few things that I always keep close to my heart. Work being recognized and appreciated is always a feel-good feeling.

A humble collection of my images that were recognized by various magazines, newspapers, online blogs and competitions. However big or small, I consider each one of these as the perks to go the extra mile and perform better every time.

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