During monsoon season and post-monsoon, western ghats are one of the beautiful places to visit. The sky, trees, plants and even the ground with lively algae strike a conversation with you. While this is the season that the regular tourists avoid visiting this place, it becomes a must visit for a nature lover/ photographer.

Past few years it is a yearly ritual for me to visit the western ghats of South India during the monsoon season. Though I am not a specialist or an expert in macro photography, I regularly get myself involved with it just to experience the new challenges that macro photography throws at you.

Four years back, I made it a regular photography tour on Pixellin Photography & Travel‘s calendar. When I started these tours I had to find a tour mentor who could guide the participants during the tour. Macro photography during monsoon is one of the toughest photo tours that one could experience and guidance from an able macro expert is very important for a successful tour. I chose, Vipin Baliga, a friend of mine, specialized in macro, wonderful human being and more than everything he is “endemic” to the western ghats 🙂 . His knowledge of photography, macro life, local terrain and his friendly attitude is something that every participant loved during the past tours. And these are exactly the qualities that Pixellin and its mentors stands for.

And for me, I just love to be part of these tours that I organize and conduct. Some of my best macro photographs have come during these tours.

How are these tour’s different from the regular wildlife tours?

  • Finding the subjects to shoot requires knowledge about the habitat, species and their behavior and patience.
  • External factors like continuous rain (which brings in the raincoats, camera covers, and umbrellas into the picture), wet terrain, leeches, etc to be dealt with along with the photography.
  • The challenges during these post-monsoon macro tours are enormous and that makes these a unique experience.
  • The night trails, an integral part of these tours to find the amphibians brings a different set of challenges where we search (by following their calls and using a torch light) for the frogs in pitch darkness.

With the experience of going on these tours for last 5 years, I could say that these 3 days will teach the much-needed patience, attention to details and more than everything respecting the tiny creatures who co-exist with us in this vast planet!

During last year's tour, we managed to spend an hour at the waterfall trying to make some landscape images.

Some images that I made during these tours...

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